Terms & Conditions

Using Apinik and existing applications is by your own risk and we are not responsible to any possible damages on smart-phone, tablet, and or any other instrument and also losing information caused by these events.

Reviews and Rates

All recorded reviews and rates by Apinik users has been verified by Apinik personnel and if it was not contrary to these conditions, it would be published:

  1. Advertising in any way.
  2. Call number, email, call information.
  3. Using name of peoples in other sites.
  4. Non related reviews.
  5. Insult to the Users or Developers.
  6. Violating Islamic Republic of Iran’s rules.
  7. Political contents and insult to minorities.
  8. Any link to other sites.
  9. Requesting more points in reviews and or damaging other’s review.
  10. Request or inviting to the friendship.

Reporting Inappropriate Reviews

Users could report to Apinik any inappropriate reviews by selecting review’s situation.
Apinik reexamine them and then eliminates or publish them, too.