Privacy Policy

Our policy in Apinik is based on maintaining user’s privacy polices, their privacy is very important to us and for clearing these privacy polices among us and users, there is an agreement:

User’s information would be put on our authority in the two methods: the first one through Apinik Web-Store and the second one is through Apinik Mobile-Store.

In addition to them, e-mails in system would be in our access personally in registering and perhaps would be send some news about the process of development for you in future.

What information would be gathered from Apinik Web-Store?

When you visit any services, some information would be gathered of you automatically and Apinik is not excepted. The information in which we gather from Apinik Web-Store includes:

  1. Your computer IP address.
  2. The URL that referred you to our service.
  3. Your computer operating system name and version.
  4. The date and time that you can spend on the service.

What information would be gathered through Apinik Mobile-Store?

In addition to the above information, some other would be gathered through Apinik too. it should be mentioned, these information would be gathered through formal user of services and through guest user, too. some information in which we gather through Apinik includes:

  1. Model and brand of your device manufacturer.
  2. Device screen density.
  3. Your GSM/CDMA operator.
  4. The default local of your device.
  5. The version of Android that installed on your device.
  6. Electronic signatures your device.

Gathering any information is only statistically important and Apinik guarantees don’t send these information to other organization or institution, too.