How can I install Apinik on my mobile?

Open the mobile browser and go to this address and then click on "Download Apinik" button.
After finishing the downloading operation, switch on install key and enjoy from Apinik.

Point: if the “Unknown Sources” chooser is not active, at first activate it from your device.

How to download an application by QR-Code?

At first, you should be assured to install barcode scanner on your mobile, if not, the Apinik would install it automatically on your mobile. then you could return to “Scan Barcode” menu through Apinik mobile application.

By scanning application barcode on Apinik web-store, you enter the same page in Apinik mobile application and in order to download app, you could switch on download application.

Is Apinik services Free?

Yes, it’s all services are Free.

Is Apinik optimized for android Mobiles and Tablets?

Yes, Apinik have has unique design and separate for Android Mobile and Tablet and has been improved for all displays.

If you encountered any problem on your device, please contact us.

Is there any possibility to download a program through Apinik web-store?

No, you could download it only from Apinik mobile application.

How could I suggest an application?

Please send your suggestion for publishing application to this address: [email protected], meanwhile the program would be free, too.

I am a program developer, could I publish my application in Apinik?

Yes, Apinik support Iranian and foreign developers and is absorbing special programs, for getting more information, please refer to developer’s guide.


If you don’t receive your answer in this page, please write to [email protected]